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Applying Self Help Principles

After struggling for months with my own personal self-esteem, I knew that there had to be something I could do to make things right. I began going through and making sure that I could stand on my own two feet, and it occurred to me that I wasn't very strong emotionally. I started working with a self-help expert to walk me through different healing techniques, and it was remarkable to see just how powerful the changes they offered really were. Within a few weeks I felt better about myself and my journey. Check out this fantastic blog to find out more about self help.



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You may have thought that you would never find a m

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Transition Into A New Living Arrangement

You may have thought that you would never find a man who made you feel complete, but it happened. He has accepted the fact that you have a son, is encouraging when it comes to your career, and appreciates your interests. Now that you have decided to tie the knot and will be moving in with your partner in the near future, you may be concerned about how your preschooler will take the news. Read More