7 Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram
Online marketing is all about visibility, and there's no better way to be seen than to get your business on Instagram.

According to experts, the popular photo sharing network now boasts over 300 million users per month.

With that many potential customers at your disposal, learning how to use the network to your advantage could have an enormous impact on the success of your business.

1. Get a Dedicated Account

Your business Instagram account should be its own unique entity. Claim your company or brand name and use a relevant profile image.

Write a short, engaging bio that includes a link to your business website. Once your account is set up, promote it with an Instagram badge on your other social media profiles, your website and any content you create.

2. Draw Attention with Unique Photos

Images have a big impact on consumer purchasing behaviors. Take high-quality photos of your products and use Instagram's editing tools to make them look as professional as possible before posting.

Include clear, concise product descriptions, but avoid doing any "hard selling." Let the images provide the incentive that drives customers to initiate the buying process.

3. Give Your Brand Some Personality

Balance out product images with photos that show your company's offerings in action. These types of photos can be better than traditional sales messages because they demonstrate how your products can make daily tasks easier or enable customers to do something that they couldn't do before.

Make these photos as active as possible so that people will want to get in on the action themselves.

4. Don't Forget the Hashtags

Content on Instagram has a very fast turnover rate, so you can't rely on your images to stay on followers' feeds for long. Hash-tags give your posts some permanence by associating them with trending subjects and topics that are pertinent to your brand.

Research hash-tags the same way that you do keywords. See what's currently generating the most clicks and pick terms that are focused rather than general. Use at least one but not more than five hash-tags per post to improve visibility.

5. Engage Your Community

Expert reports that 41 percent of people say they would follow a brand on social media to get exclusive promotions.

Take advantage of this by posting discounts available only to your loyal followers. Running contests that encourage customers to post photos under a custom hash-tag is another great way to get people involved with your brand.

You can use an app to re-post the best photos with a shout-out to the original poster thanking them for helping to spread the word. Responding to comments on a daily basis also keeps you connected to your customers by showing them that you appreciate their feedback.

6. Search

For those advertisers who are looking for influential Instagram users. Because if you are good influencer then you can run campaigns successfully to influence people to buy a product or get connect with the Instagram page.

You can even utilize your followers and group members to join that particular business page and help in engagement. So far this is the best method for the marketer as well as Instagram user to help each other and earn money.

6. Go Local

When your company hosts or participates in events, add geotags to your posts to target nearby customers using location-based SEO tactics. Geo-tagging shows where a photo was taken and can help customers to find your business when they want to purchase your products in person.

Remember to take and post photos along with relevant hash-tags throughout each event to encourage people to come and meet the people behind the brand that they love.

Adding Instagram to your marketing toolkit helps you reach the 38 percent of buyers who say that a brand's social media activity influences their purchasing decisions. Use this platform to expand your following, build relationships and stay engaged with your target audience.

As your following grows, you'll be able to rely more on these customers to spread the word about your brand and promote relevant hash-tags that draw attention and deliver measurable returns.…

5 Instagram Tools To Manage Your Marketing Campaigns
What started as a way to share images with your close friends and relatives is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to market and promote your business.

However, there is much more to Instagram that just uploading pictures and this guide will take you through five Instagram tools to better manage your marketing.

1. Visual Editing

As Instagram is ultimately an image sharing social media platform, it is essential that you upload good quality photographs and videos which accurately reflect your business and the product(s) you are trying to market.

Of course, Instagram has a wide range of filters which you can use, but consider using tools such as Layout or Boomerang to really set your images aside and give them a clean feel. The beauty of these two tools is that they are free to use, giving you a quick and easy solution to improving your images, which will encourage people to take a look at your products.

2. Sharing

One of the important factors of a successful business is building a good network of contacts and maintaining existing relationships, which is also relevant within the social media world.

Re-posting relevant images which are uploaded by other users is a great way to develop business relationships, whilst at the same time sharing relevant content with your own followers.

This will also work in your favor as it is likely that your content will be shared in return, opening your business up to a greater network of followers.

3. Scheduling Tools

In terms of monetary value, social media is free to use, but in relation to time it can actually be quite costly, which is where scheduling tools come in.

Apps like Latergramme and ScheduGram allow you to draft posts which can be uploaded at a time which is convenient for you. This allows you to maintain an online presence, without actually being online.

The only thing to be mindful of is if people respond to your posts straight away; you don’t want to leave ages in between replying as this may disengage your followers.

4. Performance Tracking

In order to effectively market your business, it is essential that you have a communication plan in place.

This means that there must be a strategy behind every image you upload, and in order to track the performance of this, you must have a way in which you can monitor it.

Performance tracking tools such as Collecto, allow you to see an overview of your photographs, along with a summary of the statistics of each of your posts.

5. Selling

By making your gallery shoppable you are instantly offering your followers easy access to your products which is a great way to market your business and boost your sales.

Tools such as Showcase or Inselly, allow followers to tap your image and be linked to the specific product page for each one.

By combining this with hashtags, such as #showcase or #inselly, you can be certain that your products will show up when users are searching for this information.

As you may realize from this guide, there are lots of Instagram tools which offer similar services, therefore the best thing to do is spend time reviewing and trying each one in order to identify the one which works best for you and your business.